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Dantrolene Sodium 14663-23-1

Dantrolene sodium is a generic medication commonly prescribed to treat muscle spasms,
particularly in patients who have suffered from a stroke or spinal cord injuries,
or those who have multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. Dantrolene sodium is a muscle relaxant
that acts on the contractions of the muscles and may also affect the central nervous system.

1. Dantrolene Sodium HemiheptaHydrate (Dantrium) is a skeletal muscle relaxant that works
by interfering with the excitation-contraction coupling in muscle fibers.

2. Dantrolene sodium is a skeletal muscle relaxant that inhibits the release of intracellular calcium ions
from the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Dantrolene Sodium has powerful antioxidant activity in linoleic acid emulsion.

3. Dantrolene Sodium (5 mg/kg) has a greater inhibitory effect on twitching contraction
of the fast extensor digitalis longus than on the slow soleus muscle.


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