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Atipamezole HCL 104075-48-1

Atemezole hydrochloride is an effective adrenergic receptor blocker,
which selectively and competitively inhibits the adrenergic receptor.

As a veterinary drug, atemezole hydrochloride hydrochloride is mainly used in livestock,
such as dogs, to rapidly recover from sedation and other effects caused by the use of the anesthetic,
adrenergic receptor agonist , after surgery. After intramuscular injection of the drug in dogs,
it can take effect in minutes and reach the maximum blood glucose concentration in about minutes,
while its half-life in the blood is less than hours.
Then, through biotransformation in the liver, the chemicalbook is excreted by urine.
It can be seen that atemezole hydrochloride hydrochloride is an effective, fast and safe drug.
Research on the use of atemezole hydrochloride hydrochloride in human drugs is also ongoing.
The research on the use of atemezole hydrochloride hydrochloride
as hypoglycemic and antihypertensive drugs is currently in the stage of clinical evaluation.
It has been reported that the drug is effective in the treatment of asthma,
obesity, migraine, and memory loss caused by aging.
Atemezole hydrochloride  is also effective in preventing intestinal obstruction caused by laparotomy

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