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Trichloroacetic acid 76-03-9

Trichloroacetic acid can be used as medical raw materials,
herbicides (potassium and sodium trichloroacetate, etc.),
textile dyeing AIDS, metal surface treatment agents and acyl chloride,
anhydride, amide, polyester, organic metal salts, salicylic aldehyde,
chlorocarboxylic acid and other raw materials.
In addition, in medicine can also be used as a corrosive agent and keratin dissolution agent,
bile pigment reagents, protein precipitation reagents and other special purposes.
In the field of biochemistry, it can be used for separation and analysis of biological phosphoric acid compounds,
determination of fluoride, lipid reagents, as well as fixing agent,
decalcification agent, chromatographic analysis reagents.
In addition, salicylaldehyde compounds can be synthesized
by the ReimerTiemann reaction of trichloroacetic acid and alkaline phenol,
and chlorinated carboxylic acid [CCl3(CH2CH2)nCOOH] can be synthesized
by the reaction of trichloroacetic acid and monolefin compound


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