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Pidotimod 121808-62-6

Pidotimod is a synthetic dipeptide with immunological modulatory activity on both the adaptive and innate immune responses. This compound has been shown to induce dendritic cell maturation and up-regulate the expression of HLA-DR and co-stimulatory molecules CD83 and CD86, which are integral to communication with adaptive immunity cells. Pidotimod has also been shown to stimulate dendritic cells to release pro-inflammatory molecules such as MCP-1 and TNF-α cytokines, and to inhibit thymocyte apoptosis caused by a variety of apoptosis inducing molecules.


2.Pidotimod is used for the prevention and treatment of respiratory and urinary tract infections in patients with a compromised immune system. It is used along with other mainstream medications to treat and prevent chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, infections of the urinary tract, etc.

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