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Isotretinoin 4759-48-2 Retinoic Acid

1. it can reduce sebaceous gland and inhibit the activity of sebaceous gland,
reducing the effect of secretion of the sebaceous glands,
thus inhibiting the growth of Propionibacterium which relies on lipid environment.

2. it has an anti-keratosis effect, can inhibit the excess proliferation of epidermal and promote its differentiation.
It also reduces the keratosis of hair follicles and the catheter of sebaceous glands.

3. it can also affect the function of lymphocytes and monocytes, and inhibit the chemotaxis of neutrophil,
    and thus having anti-inflammatory activity.

4. it can exert its therapeutic effect by selectively binding Vitamin A acid nuclear receptors.
It can inhibit the proliferation of acne rod bacilli. Moreover it has effects of immunity stimulation at low doses,
but has immunity suppression effect at high doses.

5. It can inhibit the biogenesis of collagenase and gelatinase in the skin,
and can also inhibit the activity of ornithine decarboxylase.
Owing to the major role of ornithine decarboxylase in inducing skin mutations, so isotretinoin can also suppress tumorigenesis.


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