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Silver Nitrate 7761-88-8


Analytical chemistry is used to precipitate chloride ions, and working reference silver nitrate is used to
calibrate sodium chloride solutions. The inorganic industry is used to make other silver salts. 
The electronic industry is used to manufacture conductive adhesive, new gas purification agent,
A8x molecular sieve, silver plating uniform pressure suit and live work gloves, etc. 
Light-sensitive materials used in the manufacture of motion picture films, X-ray films, photographic films, etc. 
Electroplating industry for electronic components and other crafts of silver,
also widely used as a mirror and insulation bottle silver material. 
The battery industry is used to produce silver-zinc batteries. Used in medicine as a fungicide, corrosive agent. 
It is used in the daily chemical industry to dye hair and so on. Used in analytical chemistry for the determination of chlorine,
bromine, iodide cyanide and thiocyanate. Used for cyanide-free silver plating, such as thiosulphate silver plating,
hydrochloric acid silver plating, ammonium iminodisulfonic acid silver plating,
sulfosalicylic acid silver plating and other main salts, is the source of silver ions.
 The content of silver nitrate has a certain effect on the conductivity, dispersion and precipitation rate of silver plating solution. 
The general dosage is 25-50g/L. The ammonia solution of silver nitrate can be reduced by organic reducing agent aldehydes
and sugars. Therefore, it is a reagent for the detection of aldehydes and sugars.
 Also used for the determination of chloride ions, manganese determination of catalyst, electroplating, photography,
porcelain coloring


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