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Potassium Iodide 7681-11-0


Use 1: Used in photosensitive emulsion, soap, lithography, organic synthesis,

       medicine, food additives, etc.

Use 2: It is often used as an analytical reagent, and also used in the preparation

           of photographic emulsifiers and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Use 3: Potassium iodide is a permitted food iodine fortifier,

          and my country stipulates that it can be used in foods for infants and young children,

         and the dosage is 0.3-0.6mg/kg. It can also be used for table salt with a dosage of 30-70mL/kg.

        As a component of thyroxine, iodine participates in the metabolism of all materials in livestock

       and poultry and maintains heat balance in the body. It is an essential hormone for the growth

       and reproduction of livestock and poultry. It can improve the growth performance of livestock

       and poultry and promote body health. If the animal body lacks iodine, it will lead to metabolic disorders,

       body disorders, goiter enlargement, affecting nerve function, coat color quality,

       and digestion and absorption of feed, eventually leading to slow growth and development.

Use 4: nutritional supplements (iodine enhancers). The amount of table salt is less than 0.01%.

Use 5: Used as a nutritional supplement (iodine fortifier) in the food industry.

Use 6: Potassium iodide is an allowed food iodine fortifier. It can be used for table salt,

            the dosage is 30-70mg/kg; the dosage in infant food is 0.3-0.6mg/kg.


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